The Whole30

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5 or 6 years ago, in digestive desperation and with a huge leap of faith I cut out of
my diet: dairy, beans, grains, sugar and processed foods. “A week,” I told myself. “I
can do anything for a week. If I don’t feel any different, what have I lost?”
I couldn’t believe how much better I felt… all digestive issues resolved… after just 2
or 3 days! A year or two later I embarked on my first official Whole30 with my
husband, hoping he would get some back pain relief from this 30 day Paleo
elimination diet which has been touted to reduce symptoms of inflammation for
many people with a wide variety of ailments. He lost weight, became more aware of
his sugar dragon, and overall felt better. We’ve continued with the Paleo diet since
then, sometimes more strictly than others.

People argue about what, exactly, makes up the Paleo diet and which Paleo plan is
best (of which there are many). I avoid that business and simply say that the
Whole30 is a trial of eating only meat, fish, eggs, vegetable, fruit and “healthy” fats.

They say, “Think of it as a short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you put an
end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your
digestive tract, and balance your immune system.”

It is like a big Suppers experiment where you cut out a bunch of junk from your diet, see how you feel, and then, if you wish, start re-introducing things, continuing to observe your body and mood response. The first time I was more aware of the physical impact on my body. The second and third times (when I was joined by a total of over 50 Suppers members!), I was more aware of my emotional responses to certain foods.

I favor the Whole30 because I know it well… and because there are so many helpful (and FREE!) resources online:

Like this introduction
Lots of recipes
A Paleo Day-By-Day Guide
And A Whole30 Day-By-Day Guide Too!

Whatever “cleanse” you decide on, social support is KEY!!! This was the
overwhelming feedback from Suppers members who did the Whole30 together last
September. Talk to your partner or loved ones about joining you, find a buddy, get a
group together, or connect with one of the online groups

Here’s Your First Support Group

Now how about we give you your first recipe inspiration?

Cooking For More Than A Whole30 Minutes, by Allie


I’ve legit missed you guys. Last week we took a break because Suppers was featured in Real Woman Magazine! Head: to page 39 to start reading our super awesome article. We’ve had almost 1,000 views from just our Facebook group alone. I know. Hey, it’s a good thing that WordPress doesn’t charge for lots of links because we’ve given you a LOT today.

Hey, let’s talk about cooking for Whole30 now! I wanted this to be the last cleanse/detox diet we go over because this one seems restricting at first but when compared to other diets we’ve featured this month, this one is a total breeze. One thing that would make Whole30 easier to swallow, pun intended, is the ability to perform what we in the cooking community (I’m in the cooking community, you guys) call a MAKE AHEAD.

My good and gorgeous friend April told me last week that she did her last “make ahead” back in December and she is STILL eating out of her freezer. Not like, literally like ice cream or anything but she has dishes she made IN DECEMBER that she is still working through and they are all still deliciouscrumptious. Also you should know that I applied through urban dictionary to make “deliciouscrumptious” a word. They probably won’t approve it though.

This week’s MAKE AHEAD meal highlights some very powerful anti-inflammatory, high protein, Whole30 friendly ingredients. If you have a knife, a pan, a blender, and an oven, you too can make this dish. Let’s do this thing.


BAM did you see that?! It tastes just as good as it looks. Wanna know how to make it? Keep reading.

Salmon basics include:
Buying Wild if you can find it
Making sure that the bones are all out of there (the fish man at the fish store should be doing this for you but always always check by running your finger along the center of the filet and feeling for spikes.
Using ingredients like lemon, ginger, and sea salt

Putting a thick crust on your salmon is a great way to lock in all of the moisture available to you. A visual cue for when you are done is represented above — see all those great fats? When you see those white oily yummy little guys oozing out their deliciousness, you are done! Normally, salmon takes about 10 minutes to roast at 400 degrees. However, with a crust like this on a big filet, you’re looking at closer to 15 or even 25 minutes for a medium rare fish, Vitamin E, A, D, and K stocked, fish dinner. 

Step One: Zest and juice a lemon. Don’t ever underestimate lemon zest. Don’t do it, and don’t let me hear about you doing it.


Try to only use Microplanes without handles. The other ones are stupid and annoying.

Step Two: Slice a bunch of scallions and 1 pound of shiitake mushrooms. Scoop some coconut oil into a pan and start your sauté. Sauté until mushrooms are tender.

Step Three: In a blender, combine: cooked shiitakes & scallions, grated ginger, lemon juice, zest, some extra greens like parsley, kale, etc. and some sea salt. Blend until creamy. If you want, place into a large piping bag. That’s if you are up for a lengthy fight with your piping bag because mine DID NOT LIKE the chunks of kale that I was trying to squeeze through its piping tip. You’re probably better off using a spatula to spread but if you want to try to be fancy for a party, go ahead.

Step Four: Spread mixture on prepared salmon filets and place in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for about 12 – 15 minutes for a small filet and 15-20 minutes for a big filet. For a whole 2 lb fish, you will need at least 20 minutes until done. Keep an eye out for your visual cue.


Step Five: Plate, finish with some lemon juice and sea salt for extra zing, and enjoy with greens and sweet potato if you like. That’s just what I did so if you wanna be like me, there it is.


Whole30 Shiitake Salmon


1 2-lb salmon filet, skinned and de-boned
1 heaping Tablespoon coconut oil or sesame oil
1 bunch scallions, washed and minced
1 lb shiitake mushrooms, caps removed, sliced
sea salt
1 1-inch piece ginger, grated
1 lemon, zested and juiced
1 – 2 cups greens (kale, spinach, parsley)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Place prepared salmon on baking sheet and set aside.
  2. In a sauté pan, add oil over medium high heat. Add scallions, mushrooms, and sea salt, and sauté until mushrooms are tender — about ten minutes, stirring frequently.
  3. Place mushroom mixture, ginger, lemon zest, juice, greens, and some extra salt into a high powered blender and blend on high until mixture is creamy. Place mixture in a large piping bag with large coupler or in a bowl.
  4. Spread mixture thickly over salmon filet, using all of the mushroom mixture. Place salmon in a preheated oven and roast until done. For a whole filet, check after 15 minutes for doneness by inserting a fork and knife into the center and spreading apart — medium rare is deep orange, medium is bright orange. For smaller filets, check after 10 minutes.


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